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How do I join the group?

Upon renting you will receive an automatic group invite. If the notification was missed, click your rental meter and select "Grp Invite" from the menu. You will receive another notification to re-join.

How can I add subtenants?

We extend a warm welcome to friends and family of our tenants! To add or remove residents, please click on the rental meter and select "Tenants" from the menu. This action will prompt you to add or remove individuals as necessary. Upon successful addition, your guests will receive an automatic group invite. In the event that they miss the initial invite, or are offline at the time, they may access the group invitation by clicking on the rental meter and selecting the "Grp Invite" option.

Why am I not able to rez?

It is essential to activate the group tag that was provided upon renting to facilitate the rezzing of your items. Wearing the group tag is mandatory and also grants you media rights. If you continue to encounter difficulties in rezzing objects, you may try rezzing a flat prim and then placing your object on top of it as an alternative solution.

Why can't I teleport to a home from your website?

The ability to receive the inworld landmark may vary depending on the browser in use. In the event that you encounter issues with receiving the landmark, we recommend copying the SLURL from the Second Life map browser window and pasting it into your viewer chat. Once this is done, right-click on the direct link and select the "Teleport to Location" option to be promptly transported to the intended destination.

Can I transfer to another

Indeed, residents are permitted to transfer to a new rental property of their preference. Please note that we require payment for the initial week of the new rental. It is important to keep in mind that your remaining rental period will be recalculated to reflect the cost of your new home. To initiate this process, kindly complete our contact form and our team will provide further assistance.

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Can I rename my parcel?

Certainly. To modify the name of your private parcel, please reach out to a member of our team using the contact form provided for further guidance. It is imperative to note that any names that contain self-promotional content or vulgarity are strictly prohibited.

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Why is my TV not working?

In the event that your television is non-functional, kindly verify that the media auto-play feature is enabled in your preference settings. You can do this by going to Preferences > Sound & Media > Media and activating the Auto-Play option.

Can I remove furniture?

We regret to inform you that the removal of any furniture or decorative items is not permitted. All homes are rented in their existing state and cannot be modified.

Can can I change music?

Certainly. Please be advised that all of our rental properties have the capability to include a custom music URL, which enables you to listen to your preferred music genre. To do so, please navigate to World > Parcel Details > Sound and copy and paste your desired music URL.

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